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ADHD Quotes


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Luckily, for people with ADHD and their loved ones, there have been quite a few inspirational figures with ADHD who have spoken about the condition.


Whether your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or you’re looking to have a better understanding of a condition you’ve suffered from your whole life, sometimes there is just no beating a well written and informative book.

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When it comes to studying or learning, one of the most important ingredients is focus and attention. Attention is the process or act of concentrating on one or more environmental factors that your five senses experience. In case of learning, you’ll need to focus or concentrate on the subject…


There is a very popular myth, perpetuated by a plethora of ADHD sites, blogs and communities, a myth that states that people with ADHD are good at ‘hyperfocusing’. What is meant by the term hyperfocus is an intense form of mental concentration that focuses consciousness on a narrow subject.

ADHD True or False

Many ADHD websites, resources, and advocates are fond of touting the ‘positive traits’ of the condition. Traits such as creativity, problem solving, or even hyperfocus are commonly cited, but according to Dr. Russell Barkley, Ph.D, a renowned ADHD expert, this opinion isn’t aligned with what science has discovered.