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Many parents and educators are often heard citing that kids watch too much TV and that it isn’t good for them. As it turns out, they are right! As it turns out, a study has confirmed that early television exposure to kids between 1 and 3 years old has…

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When it comes to studying or learning, one of the most important ingredients is focus and attention. Attention is the process or act of concentrating on one or more environmental factors that your five senses experience. In case of learning, you’ll need to focus or concentrate on the subject…

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If you think that all the great and famous people that you know today were born intelligent and grew up with normal behaviors, you might be surprised that a number of them have suffered ADHD during their childhood. Since they have successfully managed this health concern and turned out…

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People who are not that familiar with ADHD can have one or two misconceptions in mind concerning this condition. These misconceptions can either be caused by the similarity of ADHD’s symptoms with the common behavioral problems of children or perhaps, these wrong notions emanated from the lack of a…


Over the previous decades, the amount of data collected about ADHD has been staggering. Perhaps even more striking is what these statistics reveal. To give you a better sense of just how serious ADHD is and why treatment is of utmost importance, we decided to present this data graphically….