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TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. This devotion stems directly from their passionate belief in the power of an idea to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world. We at MindMed, along with most of you out there, share this passion for ideas worth spreading, and it came as no surprise to us that several of these ideas and talks revolved around ADHD.

What did surprise us was the fact that all five of these videos had a rather low view count. So, we set out to change this by gathering them together and presenting them to the community to spread the valuable ideas each of these speakers has to share.

If on the other hand you’re looking for something a bit more entertaining, check out our collection of the best ADHD videos on the web.

ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder – Stephen Tonti at TEDxCMU

Stephen is a Senior Directing major at Carnegie Mellon, and at the age of 8 years old, he was diagnosed with ADHD by his second grade teacher. Stephen delivers a humorous, insightful, and thought provoking talk on his own experience with the condition at the TEDxCMU You can find out more about Stephen and his talk on his website.

Not Wrong Just Different: ADHD as Innovators – Rebecca Hession at TEDxFortWayne

Rebecca is, among many other things, a Consultant, Organizational Developer and Sales Guru for FranklinCovey. But in her home life is where she developed her expertise in attention deficit hyperactive disorder comes from living with and loving ADHD Husband and Son.

At the beginning of her talk, she cites that there are more than 18 million people diagnosed with ADHD in the world today. They are struggling with double the normal divorce rate, increased addiction rates, increased crime rates. They are struggling. Sadly, they also hold some of the best and brightest creativity. Creativity that’s being lost in a linear society. What if we saw them differently? What if we shifted our paradigms to Not Wrong Just Different? Only then could we really tap into all that these relationships have to offer. Then we can look for education opportunities and begin to let them solve some of our biggest challenges in society. First we have to see them differently. Not Wrong Just Different.

A truly stimulating talk that is delivered from the heart. You can find out more about Rebecca and her work here.

ADHD – A case of over diagnosis? : Dr. David A. Sousa at TEDxASB

Dr. David A. Sousa is an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of more than a dozen books that suggest ways that educators and parents can translate current brain research into strategies for improving learning (you can find some of them here).

In his TED Talk, Dr. Sousa provides enlightening insights into the science of attention at the neurological level and how it relates to ADHD. While he recognizes the legitimacy of the condition, stemming from his neurological analysis, he begs the question, is it being over diagnosed? Find out more in his talk.

Drugs, Dopamine and Drosophila: A Fly Model for ADHD? – Dr. David Anderson at TEDxCaltech

Dr. David Anderson is the Seymour Benzer Professor of Biology at Caltech and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. David received an A.B. at Harvard and a Ph.D. at Rockefeller University where he trained with Nobel laureate Günter Blobel.

On January 18, 2013, Caltech hosted TEDxCaltech: The Brain, a forward-looking celebration of humankind’s quest to understand the brain, by exploring the past, present and future of neuroscience. It was at this talk that Dr. Anderson presented his talk on his research for a ‘fly model of ADHD’.

Modern psychiatric drugs treat the chemistry of the whole brain, but neurobiologist David Anderson believes in a more nuanced view of how the brain functions. He illuminates new research that could lead to targeted psychiatric medications — that work better and avoid side effects. How’s he doing it? For a start, by making a bunch of fruit flies angry.

Gaming to re-engage boys in learning – Ali Carr-Chellman at TEDxPSU

A former third-grade teacher, Ali Carr-Chellman realized that traditional elementary classrooms weren’t for her, in part becau

se she was frustrated by the lack of innovation, agility, and readiness to change in traditional schools. She’s now an instructional designer, author and educator, working on how to change and innovate within schools to make education work better for more kids.

In her talk, ‘Gaming to re-engage boys in learning’, Ali Carr-Chellman spells out three reasons boys are tuning out of school in droves, and lays out her bold plan to re-engage them: bringing their culture into the classroom, with new rules that let boys be boys, and video games that teach as well as entertain.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these great talks in the comments below, particularly with respect to an alternative ADHD treatments they discussed.

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