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People have different perceptions on ADHD. And when it comes to gender concerns, some might think that ADHD is limited only to the boys than on girls. This notion is wrong. The fact is that ADHD can exhibit in both genders. The noted differences lies only on its prevalence, symptoms, and how doctors, educators, and parents adopt with it to managed the said symptoms.

Prevalence of ADHD in Terms of Gender

Based on studies, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome or ADHD is more prevalent on males than on females. According to medical experts, ADHD cases in boys are two or three times higher compared to girls. Because of the difference in symptoms, this concern is also much more observed in boys. And because the signs and symptoms can be instantly seen on males, the reported cases or the number of boys diagnosed to suffer from this condition is also higher.

The Three Types or Forms of ADHD

Before you can understand the differences in the symptoms of ADHD as they occur on boy versus girls, it is worthy to be familiar with the three general types or forms of ADHD.

  • Hyperactivity or Impulsivity is probably the most common and observable form of ADHD. A child with ADHD is more likely to exhibit hyperactive or extremely active behavior. This can range from a simple inability to maintain focus up to the more hard-to-manage symptoms of lack of patience or aggressive behavior. On the other hand, being impulsive may also cause a child to talk or perform actions without thinking about them first or what these action’s possible consequences are.
  • Inattentive type of ADHD another form of ADHD which can be considered as a symptom is the poor ability to maintain focus and attention. This is a concern that can cause hardships for the child to learn and be much more organized.
  • Combined type of ADHD, as its name suggests, the combined type of ADHD is simply the prevalence of both the symptoms mentioned above. The child can be both hyperactive/impulsive and suffer from inattention.

The Type or Form Observed in Boys versus Girls

So, what forms or symptoms mentioned above are prevalently observed in boys or perhaps in girls?

ADHD symptoms in boys. Boys exhibit the more visible or observable symptoms of ADHD. That is being hyperactive and impulsive. This is also the reason why the prevalence of ADHD in boys is greater or highly noticeable compared to girls. Of course, there are always cases for boys to exhibit the inattention type or combined type of ADHD.

ADHD symptoms in girls. How ADHD exhibits in most girls can be very different compared to boys. Instead of being hyperactive or impulsive, females with ADHD can exhibit symptoms of social withdrawal, inactivity, anxiety, or depression. This is coupled by the possible exhibition of the inattention type of ADHD. Because these ADHD symptoms for girls can be associated with general characteristics of shyness or perhaps, poor mental performance at home or school, unaware parents might not even think that their daughter is already suffering from ADHD. This is observed on majority of the cases; hence, there are always girls that exhibit the hyperactive/impulsive and combined types of ADHD.

Treatment of ADHD in Boys versus Girls

Although there can be differences on the prevalence, occurrences, and symptoms of ADHD in males compared to females, medical experts note that there is essentially no difference when it comes to treatment. It will always involve finding the best way to deal or manage the exhibited signs and symptoms of the condition.


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