ADHD Multitasking Cartoon

If you search the internet for ‘the best apps for ADHD’ you are likely to come across plenty of apps that are useful tools for organization, goal setting, and homework. While this is well and good, none of these apps actually treat ADHD, that is, until now.

Introducing ADHD Treatment: The First App that Treats ADHD

We are strong proponents of any app that can help a person afflicted with ADHD live a more organized, productive, and fulfilling life, and in that respect there are plenty. Here is a great resource for a list of apps that help you get organized if you’re interested in finding out some of the best. All of these apps are great tools for helping to treat the symptoms, but they all do nothing with respect to dealing with the problem, ADHD.

Organizational Apps Mask Symptoms, ADHD Treatment Manages Them

While PC software that effectively treats ADHD has been available for years, it has been expensive and thus unavailable to a large majority of population who need it most. However, with the introduction of ADHD Treatment, a newer, cheaper, mobile version of the standard PC based software has been created. With it, you will not just mask the symptoms like other organization apps, but you will actually alleviate them.

It is our hope that by lowering the cost of this treatment and by bringing it to an interactive and engaging mobile platform, we will be able to make this treatment option accessible to more people than ever before.


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