We recently had a chance to work with Asher Kaye on a new video for our ADHD Treatment app and we are proud to show off the result! It’s beautiful, it’s articulate, and most importantly of all, we feel that it successfully articulates our attitude towards treating ADHD.

The history of ADHD as presented in the Rise Above ADHD campaign

Rise Above ADHD


Rise Above is a movement inspiring those who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to take control of their condition and have the courage to move beyond it, created by Elizabeth Hollmann. The driving idea and force behind the concept is that by encouraging testing for ADHD, increasing…

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Sometimes, laughter may just be the best medicine. In light of that idiom, why not make take a second to view some of the funniest videos about ADHD online today. If laughter truly is a medicine, then these are certainly a great and natural ADHD treatment.