Healthy Food for ADHD

5 Superfoods for ADHD


While a scientific consensus has yet to be reached with respect to foods exact role in treating ADHD, one would be hard pressed to find a doctor who doesn’t agree that diet is important for sufferers. As WebMD’s ADHD expert Richard Sogn, MD, makes the point that whatever is…

Sleep Deprivation Worsens ADHD

A Cure for ADHD?


For as many as one out of every four people with ADHD, there might just be a cure. That’s right, full elimination of symptoms. While this may seem unheard of, an article in the renowned journal, Pediatrics, says this might just be possible. No ADHD medication, no natural remedies,…

Kids exercising to treat their ADHD.

As a general rule of thumb, what is good for the body is good for the mind, and exercise is no exception. When done correctly, it can strengthen your immune system, improves your cardiovascular system which can lead to an increase in oxygen circulating to the brain. While many…