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We recently had a chance to work with Asher Kaye on a new video for our ADHD Treatment app and we are proud to show off the result! It’s beautiful, it’s articulate, and most importantly of all, we feel that it successfully articulates our attitude towards treating ADHD.

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As you may recall from our earlier article citing the benefits of exercise on ADHD, maintaining active lifestyle for a child with ADHD can be very helpful in managing symptoms. These benefits have been further expanded based on a new study by Silia Martikinen of the University of Helsinki,…

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Knowing how to study is inarguably as important as studying itself. For people with ADHD, this is even more important because you may have less time actually dedicated to studying as you may have to spend more time fighting distractions. There are certainly many study methods available, but surely…

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When it comes to studying or learning, one of the most important ingredients is focus and attention. Attention is the process or act of concentrating on one or more environmental factors that your five senses experience. In case of learning, you’ll need to focus or concentrate on the subject…

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People have different perceptions on ADHD. And when it comes to gender concerns, some might think that ADHD is limited only to the boys than on girls. This notion is wrong. The fact is that ADHD can exhibit in both genders. The noted differences lies only on its prevalence,…

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Do you or somebody you know suffer from ADHD? Have you ever wished there was an app for your phone that could either help you or somebody else manage their ADHD? If so than wish no more because this idea is becoming a reality with the innovated ADHD Therapist…

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If you have a child who has ADHD, your concern might not only be limited on his or her hyperactive and/or inattentive behavior. There are also several complications and problems like the hardships the child experiences when it comes to studying and learning. This emanates from the poor ability…

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If you search the internet for ‘the best apps for ADHD’ you are likely to come across plenty of apps that are useful tools for organization, goal setting, and homework. While this is well and good, none of these apps actually treat ADHD, that is, until now.