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Commonly prescribed ADHD medications have a stimulating effect on brain cells and subsequently release more of the neurotransmitters called dopamine and norepinephrine, which on the positive side can enhance a child’s ability to control impulsive behaviors and concentrate –but they also cause increased activity in the central nervous system…

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People tend to overestimate their ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, but we’re surprising ineffective at doing so. While we may think we are being more productive by managing our emails, phone calls, and writing a report while dinner is in the oven, we’re actually creating multiple distractions that…

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The benefits of cognitive training long been touted in academic journals, in some cases as early as 1980. While most of these are accessible with Google Scholar, they are still spread out and take a bit of effort to find.


We recently had a chance to work with Asher Kaye on a new video for our ADHD Treatment app and we are proud to show off the result! It’s beautiful, it’s articulate, and most importantly of all, we feel that it successfully articulates our attitude towards treating ADHD.


Whether your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or you’re looking to have a better understanding of a condition you’ve suffered from your whole life, sometimes there is just no beating a well written and informative book.

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Many parents and educators are often heard citing that kids watch too much TV and that it isn’t good for them. As it turns out, they are right! As it turns out, a study has confirmed that early television exposure to kids between 1 and 3 years old has…

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Sometimes, laughter may just be the best medicine. In light of that idiom, why not make take a second to view some of the funniest videos about ADHD online today. If laughter truly is a medicine, then these are certainly a great and natural ADHD treatment.

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Here at MindMed we receive numerous questions from people regarding not only natural treatments of ADHD such as ADHD Treatment, but also plenty with respect to medication specifics as well. In our ADHD Medication FAQ series, we try to address the most frequent of these.

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Knowing how to study is inarguably as important as studying itself. For people with ADHD, this is even more important because you may have less time actually dedicated to studying as you may have to spend more time fighting distractions. There are certainly many study methods available, but surely…