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MindMed is a company committed to creating and distributing innovative and affordable neurocognitive therapeutic apps to help in the treatment of mental illnesses. Each app is designed to help train and strengthen the specific cognitive functions that have been impaired by a particular ailment.

Utilizing only up to date medical research published in peer-reviewed academic journals, MindMed is able to employ their findings to bring its users the most effective treatment available. By employing a smaller team, MindMed is also able to offer their products at a price far below that of their competitors while matching or even exceeding their quality.

The ADHD Treatment app itself was created by a team of dedicated individuals at MindMed who wished to bring this effective and affordable neurocognitive therapy to the millions of individuals who suffer from the condition worldwide. With its release it marked the first time this sort of therapy specially designed to treat ADHD was brought to a smartphone.

The First Mobile ADHD Treatment

Effective, affordable, portable, and clinically proven.

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars in subscriptions to use ADHD treatments that tie you to your computers? So are we! That’s why we created the ADHD Treatment App, to make effective natural ADHD treatment more accessible than ever.

The MindMed Team

Andras Baneth
Andras Baneth

Author, entrepreneur, and online communication expert combined with in-depth knowledge of computer programming serve as the basis for his participation in the ADHD team.
You can keep up with Andras on his website or you can follow him on twitter.

Eytan Shleizer
Eytan Shleizer

Designer extraordinaire and acclaimed UX Expert, Eytan took it upon himself to bring the visuals of ADHD Treatment App to life.
He also is the author of a very popular board where he gathers inspiration and ideas from designers around the world.

Kfir Schindelheim
Kfir Schindelhaim

With experience coding dozens of apps for mobile devices, Kfir is responsible for all of the software working behind the scenes that lets the app function.
To see what else Kfir has released, be sure to check out his website for a complete listing of his personal releases.

Willem Isbrucker
Willem Isbrucker

Possessing a strong predilection for science and research, Willem is charged with ensuring that all of the latest neuro-cognitive findings are incorporated into the ADHD Treatment App.
He also works alongside Eytan Shleizer as a product manager and UX Expert.

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