We recently had a chance to work with Asher Kaye on a new video for our ADHD Treatment app and we are proud to show off the result! It’s beautiful, it’s articulate, and most importantly of all, we feel that it successfully articulates our attitude towards treating ADHD.

Below is a transcript of the video itself. Let us know what you think!


You Think Differently

Let's work with that.

People with ADHD are often told why they’re not doing well in school. You’re easily distracted. You get bored doing the same thing too long. You daydream, you fidget – you talk to much, you have trouble listening – you can’t focus, you can’t do well. These are less than encouraging. Instead of pointing out inadequacies, why can’t we focus on each person’s potential? You have an active imagination. You think on your feet. You have a verbal means of self expression, you’re energetic. You think – differently. You have ADHD. Let’s work with that.


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