The history of ADHD as presented in the Rise Above ADHD campaign

Rise Above is a movement inspiring those who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to take control of their condition and have the courage to move beyond it, created by Elizabeth Hollmann. The driving idea and force behind the concept is that by encouraging testing for ADHD, increasing awareness about what it means to have ADHD, and educating on treatments and techniques use to combat symptoms, anyone can Rise Above the condition.

The campaign was featured in 2011 at UWM’s Design Entrepeneur Showcase but as of yet has not been released to the public. The work that was conducted, as you can see from the photos below was simply stunning and we believe that such visually appealing and informative pieces such as this can really help to spread the message about what it means to have ADHD and what can be done to help it.

The history of ADHD graphic, infographic, ADHD

The history of ADHD graphic

A promotional video was also created to increase awareness of ADHD and spark interest in the Rise Above campaign and it features Megan Giersch.

Rise Above from Elizabeth Hollmann on Vimeo.

We truly hope that a project such as this is launched sooner rather than later, as it can stand to benefit not only the ADHD community, but the world as a whole.

Rise Above ADHD

Rise Above ADHD

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