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If you or one of your family members is suffering from ADHD, it is a must to get as much information, advice, including support from medical experts and parents who also experience the same plight. The good news is that these information are now readily accessible on the internet. Similar to all other subjects and medical concerns, there are now websites and blogs that are dedicated to tackling the niche of ADD and ADHD.

The following shortlist of blogs are examples of the good websites or blogs you could regularly read and visit to learn more about this condition:

  • Additudemag

    One of the most comprehensive websites that will certainly be helpful for parents and persons with ADHD is Additude. This website has been running since 1998 and dedicates majority of its articles and blog posts in providing detailed yet reader-friendly information on ADHD. Aside from the posts that can be read from the website, you could also subscribe from the magazine and newsletter that Additude regularly releases. In its blog, there are sections that discusses the best ways of parenting ADHD children, identification of ADHD symptoms, prescribed treatment for the condition, how to improve schooling or learning, including the proper way to manage and live with it for adult patients.

  • TotallyADD

    Another website or blog that provides comprehensive knowledge on ADD and ADHD is But instead of children, the target audience and readers of this blog are the individuals who are still suffering from this condition during their teenage and adults years. Majority of the posts are themed at providing knowledge on how to effectively manage or adapt living with this condition including the means of eliminating the commonly experienced shyness, shame, fear, or stigma of teen or adult ADHD patients.

  • ADHD Momma

    If you’re a parent of a child suffering from ADHD, you probably want to read how other parents are living a happy and not-so-stressful life amidst this concern. ADHD Momma could provide that inspiration and support for you. The blog is owned by a mother who at first was confused about the ADHD condition of her son. After finding answers, the blog eventually become the story place for all other moms who also share the same concerns. This website could provide one of the best ADHD support system for parents, moms in particular.

  • ADHD Management

    Another blog that focuses on how ADHD is managed is Aside from the knowledge database that every reader can learn from, the website also features news and information including results of conferences and expert talks on ADHD.

  • ADHD Marriage

    If there are websites or blogs dedicated in providing support and information about ADHD in children, teens, and adults, there are also those that are dedicated in improving the relationships of couples where one of the partner is suffering from this condition. ADHD and Marriage is a blog that tackles the several methods on how couples can live and have a fruitful relationship amidst the challenges of this behavioral concern. Aside from the information that can be read from its regular blog posts, the website owners and authors offer counseling or consultation sessions for couples, useful resources, plus a forum where all interested individuals can interact and tackle everything about ADHD and marriage or ADHD and relationships.


Hopefully with the help of the blogs listed above as well as natural ADHD treatment, you’ll be another step closer to successfully treating the symptoms of your ADHD.


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