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If you think that all the great and famous people that you know today were born intelligent and grew up with normal behaviors, you might be surprised that a number of them have suffered ADHD during their childhood. Since they have successfully managed this health concern and turned out to be the best in their particular field, they could be the perfect sources of inspiration for children and parents who consider this condition a problem.

Abraham Lincoln

One of the most famous and intelligent U.S. presidents is Abraham Lincoln. With his excellence in public speaking and writing, you wouldn’t think that he suffered from ADHD during childhood.

Albert Einstein

One of the highly noted scientists of the 20th century that has suffered from ADHD is Albert Einstein. Unlike other notable figures that have successfully managed this condition, Albert Einstein carried this burden with him up through his teen and adult years. His behavioral concern was not yet known as ADHD before. It was Asperger’s Syndrome which is then considered a mild form of autism.

Bill Gates

Considered the richest man on earth for several years, Bill Gates has also suffered from ADHD. Gates is an inventor and a businessman but always had problems when it comes to learning. But despite this, we are lucky that without his creative and inventive mind, we wouldn’t have computers today.

John F. Kennedy

Another popular U.S. president that has suffered from this condition is John F. Kennedy. If the existing medical knowledge and technology were to be used during Kennedy’s time, he will be diagnosed with both dyslexia and ADHD. During his school years, Kennedy is reported to have problems on reading as well as maintaining mental and physical focus.

Ludwig van Beethoven

If the stories of other notable figures are already surprising, wait until you learn the full story about the renowned musician and composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven had ADHD and is also deaf. To maintain his focus while working, Beethoven was said to immerse his head in cold water. This is also the noted cause of his eventual loss of hearing.

Prince Charles

The future king of United Kingdom has also suffered the symptoms of ADHD. Perhaps, because of the special attention and style of education to the royal kids, Prince Charles has eventually managed to overcome this condition.

Will Smith

Another name that may ring a bell is the Hollywood superstar Will Smith. Unlike all other notable individuals who didn’t admit ADHD as their concern, Will Smith publicly acknowledged that it is a challenge that made him strive harder. According to him, he had problems maintaining focus as well as hardships in reading books.

Jim Carrey

It’s no coincidence that majority of the roles Jim Carrey has portrayed on movies were all in the line of comedy. Characters which have fun, very active, and at times, compulsive behaviors. Jim Carrey suffers from ADHD and according to many, his ADHD condition has actually contributed to his prowess in comedy. Up until now, he is said to have concerns concentrating or focusing in any single work for a long period of time.

The names mentioned above are only a fraction of the long list of famous people who are known to have ADHD. Make a quick search and you will eventually be surprised to learn that some of those are the names you already knew.


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